Fumio Kishida, the 101st Prime Minister of Japan, delivered a congratulatory address at the 75th Anniversary General Meeting of the Japanese Parliamentary Committee for World Federation. (23/05,2024)

I would like to congratulate the Japanese Parliamentary Committee of the World Federation on its 75th anniversary this year. We are convinced that only through the creation of a world government and the union of all peoples of the world can permanent world peace be realized, legal justice and order be established, fair administrative institutions be established, and the fundamental human rights of individuals, as well as freedom and equality in social life, be firmly guaranteed. With the current international situation becoming increasingly tense, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the situation in Israel and Gaza, the establishment of a world federation may not be an easy task in the real world. However, the goals of a world federation, including the realization of world peace, the establishment of legal justice and order, the protection of fundamental human rights, and the guarantee of freedom and equality, are precisely the goals that Japan has pursued as a peaceful nation since the end of World War II. At a time when the international community is facing a complex of crises, we must reflect once again on these noble principles. As an advisor to the Japanese Parliamentary Committee for the World Federation and as Prime Minister, I will continue to think and work together with you, never forgetting this principle. I am aware that the birth of the World Federation movement was partly due to the growing public opinion at the end of World War II that humanity must be saved from the destruction of nuclear weapons. Throughout my political career, I have consistently made nuclear disarmament my life’s work toward the realization of a world without nuclear weapons. Strengthening the functions of the United Nations, including reform of the Security Council, which the World Federation of Trade Unions-Japan Parliamentary Committee has been discussing with great enthusiasm, and cooperation with the Global South, whose presence is growing, are also important pillars of the Kishida Administration’s foreign policy. I will continue to work for world peace, stability, and prosperity through these efforts to lead the international toward cooperation rather than division and confrontation. In closing, I would like to offer my best wishes for the continued success of the Japanese Parliamentary Committee for the World Federation.(23/05,2024)

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